The Week that Was – May 9-13, 2022

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Tuesday 10 May, 2022

Cost-Cutting Remains Key to Westpac’s Future

The big story from Westpac’s result on Monday wasn’t the lower earnings or higher dividend, it was evidence that the promised cost cutting was well underway and making inroads.

Demand for Gold Grows as Investors Seek a Safe Haven

Investors are witnessing a decoupling of the relationship between gold’s fair value and US real yields, as concerns over the Ukraine and inflation promote its safe haven status.

T. Rowe Price Australian Equities 1Q22 Update (video)

Randal Jenneke, head of Australian equities and portfolio manager for the T. Rowe Price Australian Equity Fund, recaps the March quarter and looks ahead to the rest of 2022.

Aurelia Given Green Light to Expand Peak Site

Local miner Aurelia Metals says the NSW government has given the company the green light for it to expand its existing Peak gold and base metals operation at a cost of $65 million.

Market Morsels: TPG, FSF, Precious Metals

A bit of a rout on the local market in Monday’s trading session, but we managed to find a couple of stocks that bucked the trend, plus some news of further UK sanctions against Russia.

Zero-Covid Policy Further Stymies Chinese Economy

A raft of key economic data released from China on Monday shows an economy under siege from within and without, with recession a real possibility – here are all the important bits.


Wednesday 11 May, 2022

Wesfarmers’ Low-Key Lithium Presence On Track

It’s far from a main earnings driver, but a rare update has confirmed that Wesfarmers’ half-owned lithium project in WA remains on track for first production in two years’ time.

Consumer Confidence Riding High as Election Looms

The Australian economy continues to boom as we head towards the Federal election on Saturday week, judging by the latest monthly business survey from the National Australia Bank.

Corporates Weigh the Cost of Long-Term Russia Exits

Russia may be un-investable for years to come and many companies around the world will not do business with Putin’s regime again. For some, however, the devil is in the detail.

The Case for China

VanEck’s Alice Shen suggests that Chinese equities are oversold and investors may do well to consider investing in fundamentally sound companies as part of their asset allocation.

Pendal Shares Surge on Strong Earnings

Shares of investment manager Pendal Group jumped more than 8% in Tuesday’s selloff on the ASX after it surprised on the upside with a solid interim profit of $96.7 million.

Jittery Wall Street Jumping at Shadows

It doesn’t take much to rattle Wall Street at the moment, let alone a statement by the Fed of an increased chance that trading conditions in US markets will suddenly deteriorate.

Musk Busy Tweeting while Tesla Burns

Investors continue to worry that the Tesla boss is spending too much time on Twitter and nowhere near enough on the EV maker’s increasing problems in China.


Thursday 12 May, 2022

Broad Recovery Sees GPT Set to Lift Payout

GPT says it is on track for an inflation-busting rise in distributions thanks to a strong recovery in some of its key businesses – especially retail – in the past couple of months.

Huge Profit, Dividend Tripled for GrainCorp

Thanks to a heady mixture of favourable weather and surging prices, GrainCorp confirmed a massive lift in earnings along with a threefold rise in its dividend payout.

Semiconductor Shortage: is equilibrium in sight?

Two years into the semiconductor shortages, GAM Investments’ Pieran Maru examines the causes, the industries most impacted and the possible path to normalisation of supply.

Musk Back Talking Up Tesla Mining Aspirations

Tesla boss Elon Musk has again raised the idea that his company could buy a miner to speed up the supply of metals essential to the production of electric vehicles around the world.

China CPI at 17-Month High as PPI Eases

China’s consumer price inflation rose sharply to a 17-month high, but producer prices eased as lockdowns played havoc with consumer spending, manufacturing and distribution.

Time for the Crazy Ones

The investing life looks set to become a little more difficult. Schroders’ Martin Conlon feels that it might be time for investors to take a lead from Steve Jobs and ‘Think Different’.


Friday 13 May, 2022

Trend Orica’s Friend as Shares Bounce Despite Loss

Despite reporting a net loss for the half, Orica’s 2021-22 interim was immediately cheered with the share price up 8% as investors chose to look longer-term and liked what they saw.

Good Time to Be the Middle Man in the Oil Game

Oil price strength has fattened profit margins up the production, distribution and retail chains, with local refiners Viva and Ampol among those reaping the bottom-line benefits.

Second-Day Syndrome Sees CSR Shares Slammed

After barely a blip on Wednesday in response to CSR’s full year result, Thursday saw a new, negative attitude emerge and the company’s shares sold off 10% for the session.

Xero Margin for Error in the Current Environment

Investors in software group Xero took out the axe with the long handle yesterday and gave the company’s shares a good whack after what they thought was a disappointing annual result.

A Bird in the Hand Is Worth Two in the Bush

Rob Almeida from MFS explains how stocks and bonds might become more correlated and investment styles such as growth and value more closely synched than in the past.

Kick-Starting a Russia-Free Energy Transition

Corporate Connect analyst Lawrence Grech takes looks at the havoc Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine has had on energy markets and how global reliance on the region can be reduced.