The Week that Was – August 1-5, 2022

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Tuesday 2 August, 2022

Airlie FM Sector Spotlight: Tabcorp (video)

Airlie Funds Management Equity Analyst Will Granger shares his views on what makes Tabcorp an attractive investment and how the business is positioned in the face of inflation.

Magellan Analyst Round Table 2022 (video)

In this video, Magellan’s sector analysts discuss inflation, supply snarls and how interest rates are affecting banking, technology, infrastructure and consumer staples.

Oz Property Decline Continues as Rate Rises Bite

The slide in Australia house prices accelerated last month in the wake of more bad publicity than you can poke a stick at and four rate rises in a row from the Reserve Bank.

Aussie Broadband Drops Out of Favour

From market darling in 2021 to market pariah so far in 2021 – a familiar experience for tech stocks these days as Aussie Broadband grapples with the vagaries of investor appeal.

Nevada Project Already Bearing Fruit for Ioneer

Shares in Ioneer firmed Monday on news that the company had struck a lithium supply deal from its Nevada project with the joint battery venture of Toyota Motor Corp and Panasonic Corp.

United Malt Scotches Guidance Again

Shares in United Malt Group slumped 17% Monday after the company cut its EBITDA estimate for the second time this year, blaming rising costs and problems in the North American market.


Wednesday 3 August, 2022

AFIC FY 2021/22 Full Year Results Summary (video)

Australian Foundation Investment Company Managing Director Mark Freeman and Portfolio Manager David Grace discuss the Listed Investment Company’s FY 2021/22 results.

The Current Market for Income Investing (video)

Scott Kelly, Portfolio Manager for the DNR Capital Australian Equities Income Portfolio & Fund provides his insights on the current market and opportunities for income investors.

Appen Fulfils its Own Prophecy with Weak Update

Appen shares slumped 30% at one stage on Tuesday after it revealed a stunningly weak trading update for its first half of 2022, as it had earlier intimated might be on the cards.

Demystifying Long / Short Funds

Perpetual takes a detailed look at long / short funds – in which both bought and sold positions are held – and how fund managers go about shorting what they perceive to be overvalued stocks.

Trend-Bucking Regional Express Flying High

A strong performance from regional airline Rex provided its chairman with the perfect opportunity to fire some potshots at the airports and rival carrier Qantas and pushed the shares up 6%.

Credit Corp Shares Hit on Flat Outlook

Tuesday’s 5.3% slide in Credit Corp shares to $23.02 told the company that talk of no growth in Australia / NZ and problems in the growing US market was unacceptable.

Kazia: AGILE Hurdle Missed but Significant Value Remains

Corporate Connect analyst Marc Sinatra has today released an updated research report for ASX-listed biotech company Kazia Therapeutics (ASX: KZA), now available for download.

Property Weakness May Slow Further Rate Rises

Statements from the RBA Governor hinted that the time for big rate increases had passed and that smaller rises would follow from here, no doubt with slumping house prices a factor.


Thursday 4 August, 2022

Laybuy (ASX: LBY) Discusses Q1 FY23 Results (video)

Laybuy Group MD Gary Rohloff discusses the company’s quarterly business activities update for 1Q FY23 as well as the outcome of the strategic review announced in April.

Nickel and Dime Stuff Key to BHP’s Future

Nickel still retains the affection of BHP which, three years after failing to sell its Nickel West business, now sees the metal as part of its future deeper involvement in renewables.

Retail Sales Strength Not All that it Seems

When you look a bit deeper, the surprise 1.4% rise in retail sales volumes for the three months to June was not such a solid performance after all, with price rises a main factor.

Airlie FM Sector Spotlight: Mineral Resources (video)

Airlie Funds Management Equity Analyst Vinay Ranjan discusses what makes Mineral Resources (ASX: MIN) a unique business and how it’s positioned for future growth.

Lynas Spending Big on Mt Weld Upgrade

Lynas is to spend upwards of $500m expanding the capacity of its Mt Weld mine and processing operations in WA to meet growing demand for its suite of rare earths products.

The World Confronts an Unusual Number of Difficulties (video)

Many unusual events are taking place as far as the world economy is concerned, with policymakers acting to place the world on a steadier path. Success, however, is far from assured.

Orica Goes All Geospatial with Axis Deal

Orica will pay $A260 million in cash to buy Axis Mining Technology, a specialised geospatial tool which will help miners explore, extract and refine material from “mine to mill.”

Dividend Payouts in a Rising Interest Rate Environment (video)

Ausbil’s Michael Price discusses the strategy and track record of the Active Dividend Income Fund, and the performance of dividend funds in an environment of volatility and falling valuations.


Friday 5 August, 2022

Final Roll of the Dice for D&D with Link

Canadian group Dye & Durham is trying to avoid an outright rejection by competition regulator, the ACCC, of its proposed $2.47 billion acquisition of Link Administration Holdings.

China Reopening Play: Australian resources

VanEck’s Cameron McCormack explains why, as global equities continue to face challenges, investors may want to look to a more positive global story – the potential reopening of China.

ABS Puts Lithium under the Microscope

For the first time ever, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has broken out export data for lithium and revealed that it is really only an industry that started becoming significant this year.

Sanctions a Double-Edged Sword for Nutrien

Another major global company in the resource sector has benefited indirectly from the Ukraine invasion, albeit in a highly qualified way with both good and bad sides to the impact.

June Caps Off Record-Setting FY for Oz Trade

June ended what was a record year for Australia’s trade account with new highs set for monthly exports and imports, as well as the biggest ever monthly and yearly trade surpluses.

Global Biotech Turnaround Looks to Be Underway

Signs of life are emerging in the global biotech sector after the longest and sharpest downturn in history that was so severe it left hundreds US companies trading below cash backing.

No Stiff Upper Lip from Bank Of England

England’s central bank warned the country is facing a lengthy recession in 2023 and the nastiest fall in living standards for a generation or more.