The Art Of Investing In Businesses That Have Already Won

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Stephen Arnold from Aoris Investment Management explains to Informed Investor his firm’s preference for proven and established businesses over the new hot stock on the block.

Key points in the video:

Fighting the natural human instinct for “what could be” – those newer business that seemingly have the most exciting prospects but often never get off the launchpad – in favour of durable businesses with proven track records spanning decades

  • How Aoris goes about finding these types of companies to invest in
  • Their definition of a truly successful business
  • Whether these sorts of businesses are defensive by nature
  • An example of one such company

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Before founding Aoris Investment Management in 2017 Stephen was Head of International Equities at Evans & Partners. Stephen spent a decade in London, most of which was with Goldman Sachs Asset Management where he held a senior role in a small team managing a ~$5bn concentrated global equity portfolio. Stephen was at Platinum Asset Management early 1994 to late 1997 covering US equities. He began his career at Bankers Trust Australia where he was part of the domestic equities investment team. Stephen holds a Bachelor of Business from UTS, and is a CFA charterholder.

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