Nanoveu’s Nanoshield Proving to Be Simply Brilliant

by Colin Hay


Sometimes the most brilliant ideas can also seem like the simplest. For example, Nanoveu Limited’s (ASX: NVU) creation of a technology that uses age-old knowledge to develop a product which can be applied to virtually any surface to provide long term protection against viruses like COVID-19 is just one of those ideas.

Of course, the creation of that technology is not simple, however, it is the use of that technology and the benefits it can provide to our health and our daily lives – which is just brilliant.

How many of you have gone to the shopping centre and stood in a queue while other shoppers wipe down the handle of their trolleys. Have you found yourself wondering is this truly effective?

Well Nanoveu and its unique Nanoshield technology is moving quickly to help alleviate some of the fears associated with publicly used items.

Nestle Professional (Australia) has already come on board with a solution for its self-service machines, while a major Australian retailer is investigating the potential to use the Nanoshield technology in its shops.

For a technology innovation firm like Nanoveu, this is just the tip of the iceberg in how the company is improving our everyday lives.

As Nanoveu Executive Chairman and CEO, Alfred Chong, recently told TechInvest Magazine, the company has been extremely busy this year expanding development opportunities for the Nanoshield technology and opening up new global markets.

“Nanoshield is a market leading antimicrobial technology and we envisage a world where everything will have these solutions integrated into everyday products,” Mr Chong said.

“Nanoshield uses an active ingredient that is safe, effective, and durable. As the new paradigm of living with a pandemic draws out, consumers and businesses are beginning to understand the progression from cleaning and disinfecting, to the use of materials that have residual disinfectant properties, regardless of everyday use.”

Mr Chong says Nanoshield has proven to be one such product and as public health authorities expand on their technical guidelines in this sector, the company is registering a significant demand increase.

“With that demand, we are constantly looking at how we can incorporate it into uses beyond our films. These may include sprays, wipes and even facemasks and bedlinen.

“The next steps are new products that have the antimicrobial properties and Nanoshield protection straight from the factory, items such as taps, door handles, vending machines, shopping trolleys, anything that people touch on a regular basis.”

The scientifically accepted, patented copper compound Nanoshield technology has already proven successful in being integrated as a protective film on mobile phone and tablet touch screens.

Mr Chong said this new sector of self-disinfectant surfaces that have residual behaviours is still in its early stages and government agencies and healthcare professionals are still looking into the application possibilities.

“Nanoveu’s continued focus is on seeking regulatory approval and independently verified efficacy testing, and this will serve to give it an extended runway as authorities begin to scrutinise the claims being made by some cleansing products,” he said.

Notably, the company recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for 12-month non-exclusive supply of copper iodide metal powder or “Cupron Enhanced Product” (CEP) for use in Nanoshield antiviral and antimicrobial products sold in the USA.

The Nanoshield product is capable of using Cupron’s CEP without affecting efficacy or production profile and importantly, the CEP material is registered under the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The agreement allows Nanoveu to sell its Nanoshield product (using CEP) under Cupron’s EPA Registration.

For a growth focussed firm like Nanoveu, the last 12 months have been particularly busy as it moves to adapt its market intelligence and network to supply the world with a unique solution against the SARS CoV 2 virus.

“Having developed Nanoshield in mid-2020, we have ramped up production in Japan and sought regulatory approval in the main markets of USA, Australia, UK, and home market, Singapore,” Mr Chong said.

“We recently launched with Nestle’s Professional Services’ business with a global agreement to supply protection for its self-serve drinks machines. We see the shift in needs, from just film to a hybrid solution for multiple surfaces and whole facilities.”

The company has also investigated Original Equipment Manufactuer (OEM) partnerships with global firms specialised in manufacturing of drinks dispensing machines using its active ingredients as a substrate in the mould injection fabrications.

Mr Chong says technology development focused Nanoveu is continuing to improve its current products and add new ones to its innovative stable.

“We are continuing to review the technology as devices evolve. We also have exciting news on another mobile device screen protector.

“EyeFyx is being developed in partnership with a research agency to allow those suffering from long-sightedness, to read their phones without the need for spectacles.

“This ailment, known as Presbyopia, typically affects those over the age of 40, and it is estimated that up to two billion suffer.”

With such dedication to improving people’s lives and creating unique, much needed products, it is no surprise Nanoveu recently reported a record quarterly revenue increase.

“The increasing sales figures buoy our expectation that Nanoshield will become increasingly relevant for a wide range of customers seeking greater protection and peace-of-mind when operating high-touch surfaces,” Mr Chong said.

The market opportunities are endless.