Should Infrastructure Investors Be Worried about Inflation?

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Many economies are recovering around the world, buoyed by stimulus programs and vaccine roll-outs. While this is good news, it has also raised the spectre of higher inflation down the track. Ten-year bond yields have risen, as markets cast an eye to a rosier economic future. In this video,  Trent Koch – Portfolio Manager, Global Listed Infrastructure at First Sentier Investors – looks at how such an environment could affect listed infrastructure assets.


As the economic recovery overshoots many investors’ expectations, the spectre of higher inflation has emerged. At the same time, US President Joe Biden has announced plans for an infrastructure spending spree in the world’s largest economy.

Join First Sentier Investors for a webinar looking at the key issues shaping listed infrastructure as the world starts to emerge from the pandemic, including:

  • Is an uptick in inflation good or bad news for listed infrastructure investors?
  • How well have different sectors recovered from COVID, and where to from here?
  • With infrastructure missing out on big rises in 2020, what sectors and stocks are set to profit from a recovery?
  • What impact will Biden’s stimulus plans have on infrastructure assets, especially renewables?
  • Is Biden setting a benchmark for other countries to invest more in renewables and how will this play out?


Thursday, 6th May, 2021, 12:30 PM AEST


  • Peter Meany
    Head of Global Listed Infrastructure
  • Andrew Greenup
    Deputy Head of Global Listed Infrastructure
  • Rebecca Myatt
    Portfolio Manager, Global Listed Infrastructure
  • Edmund Leung
    Portfolio Manager, Global Listed Infrastructure
  • Trent Koch
    Portfolio Manager, Global Listed Infrastructure

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