Launch Of Airlie Australian Share Fund Using Next Generation Of Active ETFs

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Magellan Financial Group Limited (“Magellan”) is pleased to announce that the Airlie Australian Share Fund (Ticker: AASF) will commence trading on the ASX today.

Brett Cairns, Magellan’s CEO, said today: “The launch of Airlie Australian Share Fund on the ASX represents an important evolution of Active ETFs in Australia. This simplification eliminates the need to have two separate funds, one for investors who prefer using unlisted funds and another for those who prefer funds quoted on a stock exchange. Instead, investors, advisers and brokers will now be able to invest in a single, open-ended fund using the access point they prefer.”

“Magellan has always focussed on simplifying the investment process for our investors and reducing unnecessary frictions and costs. We intend to use these next-generation open-ended funds to deliver effective investor solutions in the future.”

Matt Williams, portfolio manager for the Airlie Australian Share Fund, said: “The Airlie Australian Share Fund is a product of the partnership between Magellan and Airlie Funds Management. Airlie’s approach to investing has been developed over 25 years and employs a conservative and robust process that weighs the financial strength, business quality, quality of management and valuation of each company. We are excited to make Airlie’s investing expertise accessible to investors through the ASX.”

The Airlie Australian Share Fund (Ticker: AASF) is the fourth Active ETF launched by Magellan and has outperformed the Australian market by 6.6% net of fees over the 12 months to 31 May 2020.

With around A$2.5 billion in funds under management and over 35,000 unitholders, Magellan’s Active ETFs have been widely adopted by investors who benefit from:

• The ability to buy and sell units on the stock market and settle via CHESS;
• Access to real time and transparent market pricing;
• Active portfolio management;
• Efficient pricing due to the open-ended nature of the Fund; and
• A high level of liquidity with the Fund providing liquidity to investors.

Live webinar: Airlie Australian Share Fund market briefing

Magellan will be holding a live webinar at 12pm (AEST) on Wednesday, 10 June, with Brett Cairns and Matt Williams covering the new one unit fund structure as well as providing an update on the Airlie Australian Share Fund and how it has performed during covid-19.

Please register to join the webinar here or use the following link:

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