Bell Potter LIC Weekly: Access To Asia At A Discount

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ASIC lifts pause on ETMFs, clears way for MA1

Monash Absolute Investment Company Limited (MA1) announced in August 2019 the intention to propose a restructure of the LIC to an Exchange Traded Managed Fund (ETMF). The restructure to an open -end fund would enable unitholders to buy and sell at a price around the NTA which would seek to address the large discount that MA1 shares have been trading at.

URB takeover approved

Following on from the shareholder approval received on 6 December, 360 Capital Total Return Fund’s (TOT) takeover of URB Investments Limited (URB) has been approved by the Federal Court of Australia.

Access to Asia at a discount

The 3 Asian equity focused LICs in the report were trading at an average pre-tax NTA discount of 9.5% as at the end of November, tightening in from September’s 16.2% average discount.

For full details refer to the detailed report below or click here to download your copy.

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