What Are The Multiple Layers of Fees Wrap Platform Users Pay?

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David Ferrall is the CEO of FinClear. FinClear has recently launched a HIN based platform model for financial advisers. In this video with Informed Investor, David discusses the multiple layers of fees a client pays inside the existing platforms models.

Key Points in the video :

  • There are five layers of fees a platform client pays to be administrated by a bank or independent platform
  • What are the hidden fees?
  • Is free brokerage the future?

FinClear’s Platform became Australia’s first HIN enabled managed account platform when it was launched in April 2019. With all the administration benefits of platforms at a fraction of the cost, the HIN Platform gives investors transparent, portable control over their investments and allows advisers to manage their clients’ investments more easily than ever before. For more information, visit http://finclear.com.au.

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