$US Exposure Can Now Be Gained Via An ETF

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ETF Securities’ ZUSD ETF offers investor a cheap and effective US Dollar currency play. The firm’s Head of Sales, Kanish Chugh, tells Informed Investor more.

Key points in the video:

  • Reasons for having a USD exposure
  • The various ways of gaining that exposure
  • Details of ETF Securities’ ZUSD ETF.


Kanish Chugh is the Co-Head of Sales at ETF Securities. Kanish has more than nine years’ experience in the investment management industry. Prior to joining ETF Securities he undertook distribution roles at Blackrock and Fidelity Worldwide Investments and was a foundation member of ANZ ETFS, the joint venture between ETF Securities and ANZ. Before entering the investment management industry Kanish worked in the financial media industry at both the Australian Financial Review and Insto publications taking on both sales and editorial responsibilities. He is a sought after commentator on the ETF sector, and is a regular television panellist on YourMoney.

Kanish has considerable experience in investment product development and distribution, and is currently responsible for building brand awareness, education and promotion of ETF Securities’ exchange traded funds in the Australian market.

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