What’s The Best Bank To Own Post The Royal Commission?

By Tim McGowen | More Articles by Tim McGowen

In this video, Jamie Nicol from DNR Capital gives Informed Investor some insights into the Australian banking sector post the Royal Commission and tells us which bank they believe currently offers the best value for investors.

Key points in the video :

  • The potential impact of the Royal Commission and where it might leave Australian banks
  • The key factors DNR Capital is focusing on in the sector
  • What a federal election and/or Labor government could mean for banks
  • The bank DNR feels is best positioned for the post-RC environment


Jamie Nicol is the Chief Investment Officer as well as a Director at DNR Capital. Jamie has over 25 years’ experience in the financial services industry. As a founding member of DNR Capital in 2001, Jamie led the development of the investment philosophy and process, and the establishment of the investment team. He has been actively involved in the portfolio management of clients’ funds since the company’s inception. He is a senior member of the DNR Capital Investment Committee and is also responsible for investment strategy, portfolio construction and stock selection, investment process enhancement and management of the investment team.

Jamie has a Bachelor of Business—Accounting (Distinction) from Queensland University of Technology, Bachelor of Economics from The University of Queensland and is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Chartered Accountants.

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