Maple-Brown Abbott – Equity market valuations

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Dougal Maple-Brown from Maple-Brown Abbott spoke with Informed Investor to crunch some numbers on where they believe Australian equity valuations sit at the moment.

Key points in the video:

  • Maple-Brown Abbott’s current view on Australian equity market fundamentals;
  • The unique challenges facing those investing in Australian stocks;
  • How Maple-Brown Abbott has positioned its portfolios;
  • The stocks and sectors Maple-Brown Abbott likes at the moment, and those it is avoiding.

Dougal Maple-Brown, B Ec LLB (Hons) F FIN CFA, is the Head of Australian Equities at Maple-Brown Abbott. Dougal joined Maple-Brown Abbott in 2001 and was appointed as an executive director in July 2009. He is currently a portfolio manager and equities analyst. Prior to joining Maple-Brown Abbott, Dougal worked in a national law firm and at an international investment bank. Dougal completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School in 2015.

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