How The Credit Card Networks Can Fend Off Fintech

By Diana Keenan | More Articles by Diana Keenan

  • Emerging technology and changing customer behaviour may pose an existential threat to credit and debit card payment networks, but we remain optimistic about the payment industry’s future.
  • Smartphones are giving consumers more ways to pay in-store and online through digital wallets, QR codes and in-app payment capabilities. However, cards still largely fund these digital wallets.
  • Alternative local payment methods are becoming increasingly common primarily in emerging markets with underdeveloped banking systems.
  • As more consumers make online purchases it will continue to have a positive impact on card network volumes.

  • We have been invested in the card network space for some time, not only because of its well-defended position in consumer payments, but also because of the potential growth opportunities in helping businesses facilitate payments to each other.
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