Microcap Monthly: The Top 10 IPO’s

It is interesting to note that out of the top 10 IPO’s, 9 were microcaps based on the implied IPO listing market capitalisation. There were 113 new listings on the ASX in 2017 which was up from 96 listings in 2016. A staggering statistic from last year’s IPO’s was that IPO’ under $50mil market cap produced an average return of 69.8% to the end of Dec 31st versus an average return for IPO’s over $50mil market cap of 23.5%.

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Peter Rae

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Peter Rae joined Independent Investment Research as a supervisory analyst covering listed managed investments in March 2016. Peter has 35 years' experience in the banking and finance industry, including 15 years as an equities analyst.

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