2015 – A List Of Lists Regarding The Macro Investment Outlook

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Note: This article was originally published on Oliver’s Insights on January 15 2015 and has been republished with permission from the original author.

2014 saw good returns for diversified investors as the global economy continued to grow and monetary conditions remained easy, but a combination of uneven global growth, worries about deflation, plunging commodity prices, soft growth in Australia and geopolitical concerns meant returns were uneven across asset classes. Balanced super funds look to have had returns of around 9%, which is pretty good after the double digit returns of the previous two years. This note provides a summary of key insights on the global economic and investment outlook in simple point form.

Four lessons from 2014

Key themes for 2015

Source: Bloomberg; AMP Capital

Key risks for 2015 – there’s always something!

Six indicators to watch

Four reasons why low inflation/deflation is more likely than a surge in inflation

Five reasons to be optimistic on the US and $US

Three reasons why China will see growth around 7%

Four reasons for optimism about Europe

Four reasons not to despair on Australia

Four implications of the commodity price downtrend

Five reasons pointing to the risk of a share market correction in the first half of the year…

…but five reasons why the trend in shares likely remains up

Source: Bloomberg; AMP Capital

Eight things investors should always remember

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