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Volpara Solutions is committed to helping save families from cancer (ASX: VHT). Volpara’s advanced technology platform combines with the healthcare provider’s expertise to provide a high-quality, optimized and personalized cancer screening experience. From the time a patient enters a clinic to when they obtain key results, our platform collects and analyzes information to better understand a patient’s breast cancer risk, while also objectively evaluating image quality and workflow opportunities. These capabilities are being extended to lung cancer screening.

Volpara’s platform is supported by numerous patents, trademarks, and regulatory clearances, including FDA clearance and CE marking, and validated by a volume of peer-reviewed publications unrivalled in the breast screening industry.

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Next generation breast cancer screening
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Volpara Health Technologies (ASX: VHT) – Hidden Gems Webinar Presentation

Presenter – Ralph Highnam - CEO - Volpara is a MedTech SaaS company founded in 2009 on research originally conducted at Oxford University. Volpara's clinical functions for screening clinics provide feedback on breast density, compression, dose, and quality, while its enterprise-wide practice software management helps with productivity, compliance, reimbursement, and patient tracking.

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Volpara Acquisition Accelerates Future Growth

Volpara Health (VHT) has been a stock that I have highlighted a couple of times, including at the start of the year where it was one of the few companies that was attractive according to my strict stock selection process. This week the company raised $55 million to acquire MRS Systems in the United States and accelerate their sales team and market penetration.

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