La Trobe Financial: How Sequencing Risk Can Affect Retirees

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Sequencing risk – the risk of capital loss through unfavourable timing of investments – can play havoc with retirement funds, Chris Andrews, CIO of La Trobe Financial, sat down with Informed Investor to tell us more.

Key points in the video:

  • A brief explanation of sequencing risk
  • The most critical points on the investment timeline for retirees
  • The best ways to minimise your exposure to sequencing risk
  • Good diversification strategies
  • How La Trobe Financial’s products can help in this regard


Chris Andrews is Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of La Trobe Financial. He oversees the Credit Fund and is part of La Trobe Financial’s treasury deal team, which manages funding, institutional investors and RMBS issuances.

Chris joined La Trobe Financial in 2006 as Senior Legal Counsel from Minter Ellison Lawyers and commenced as Head of Funds Management in 2009. He is Chairman of La Trobe Financial’s Executive Committee and Deputy Chairman of La Trobe Financial’s Markets, Funding and Rates Committee.

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