Is It Time To Be Cautious With Australian Equity Exposures?

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The local equities market has had a great run so far in 2019, up around 20%. But has it run too far? Randall Jenneke from T. Rowe Price gives his thoughts to Informed Investor.

Key points in the video:

  • What has been driving the market of late?
  • What is on the earnings horizon?
  • Other influences in play at present
  • Where to from here?

Randal Jenneke is a portfolio manager and head of Australian equities in the International Equity Division of T. Rowe Price. Randall has 26 years’ experience in equity markets, the last 7 with T. Rowe Price. He has a B.E. from Macquarie University and a GradD. from The Securities Institute of Australia.

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