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Over a century ago in Melbourne, Australia, we made a promise to save lives and protect the health of people who were stricken with a range of serious and chronic medical conditions. Today, as a leading global biotech company, that same promise has never been stronger. We develop and deliver innovative biotherapies and influenza vaccines that save lives, and help people with life-threatening medical conditions live full lives. We are driven by our deep passion to serve hundreds of thousands of patients and other stakeholders around the world.


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CSL In US Expansion

At one stage in yesterday’s ‘blah’ market shares in blood products giant, CSL were up nearly 5% at $129.16 after it revealed plans to but a US biotech for more than $410 million, if certain performance markers are met over the next 8 years.

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High Expectations Hurt CSL

The major report of the day yesterday came from the country’s premier healthcare and tech stock – CSL Ltd, but while the company out performed its guidance, it missed slightly on some analyst and market estimates and the shares were weaker.

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A Bargain Buy

The best investments are those you can pick up for a bargain, but not because the shares get slammed amid a short-term setback. The very best are those that trade at a discount to intrinsic value for a long time, because nobody notices or cares. CSL Limited (ASX: CSL) is one of those unexciting businesses that even owners of so-called ‘blue-chip’ portfolios only hold occasionally.

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Long-Term Value

At Montgomery Investment Management, we invite our clients to invest with us if their investment philosophy is aligned with our own. In our opinion, it takes time to realise value, and discipline is required to maintain confidence in the investment process amidst short-term volatility. This view is also shared by CSL.

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CSL And The Swiss Franc

Back in 1978 the German economy was in a sorry state and funds were flowing steadily out of the German mark and into the safety of the Swiss franc. It was also a time anyone who was anyone, by whatever means, held a secret Swiss bank account, further increasing the popularity of the neutral country’s currency. The subsequent strength in the Swissy forced Switzerland’s central bank, the Swiss National Bank, to intervene to cap the currency and prevent the erosion of Switzerland’s export industry, including tourism. Famously, the intervention was a disaster.

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Is CSL A Master Of Share Buy Backs?

When a company buys back its shares, the announcement is often accompanied by reports suggesting either 1) the company has no other growth options towards which it can employ equity capital or, 2) the company has great confidence in its future and other shareholders should be following its lead rather than selling out to the company itself.

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A Temporary Boost For CSL

Late last week the European Mediciness Agency recommended the suspension of Octapharma’s market authorisation for its IVIG compound octagam through Europe, while the company has also initiated a voluntary recall of the same compound in the US market.

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CSL Gaining At Baxter’s Expense

Last week Baxter of the US reported a 5% revenue decline for its Bioscience division, within which plasma products recorded growth of 3% compared to the previous corresponding period. The company indicated the overall result showed some market share losses in the Antibody Therapy (IVIG) market in the US, lower albumin sales in that market and delays or lost tenders related to Recombinants (pdFVIII).

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Where’s The Value In CSL?

A solid result with few surprises is the general broker reaction to the full year profit announcement of flu vaccine and blood products group CSL (CSL), as net profit of $1,145.9 million broadly met or slightly exceeded most estimates in the market.

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Could CSL Disappoint On Expectations?

In the FNArena database CSL (CSL) scores eight Buy ratings out of a possible ten along with two Hold recommendations, which clearly indicates most of the market sees good value in the stock at current levels even allowing for the disappointment of the company having to abandon its takeover bid for US group Talecris.

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Could CSL Still Win Talecris?

The immediate reaction to the news the FTC in the US had decided to oppose CSL’s (CSL) proposed takoever of Talecris was for price targets on the stock to be cut given anticipated earnings gains from the deal were being removed from broker models. However, according to Southern Cross Equities healthcare analyst Stuart Roberts there is still a chance the company will win out in court.

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No Love Lost For CSL Post Talecris Rejection

As mentioned by FNArena yesterday (See: No Talecris No Reason To Be Negative On CSL, 26/05/09) Bank of America-Merrill Lynch had yet to update its views on CSL (CSL) after it became apparent the company’s proposed acquisition of Talecris in the US would not be approved by regulators. The broker has now rectified the situation, with the good news for shareholders being BA-ML still considers the stock to be a Buy.

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No Talecris No Reason To Be Negative On CSL

For several months the potential big upside case for blood products group CSL (CSL) has been its proposed takeover of Talecris in the US as this would give it a strong competitive position in that market as well as delivering significant cost synergies and driving what is already a healthy earnings growth outlook.

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It’s Swine Flu Potential Against Talecris Stumbles For CSL

With swine flu reaching Australian shores the Federal Government has acted in lifting the alert level related to the virus to "contain", meaning measures will be taken to limit the spread of the disease. The next phase is "sustain", which would entail ensuring there were enough medicine available to sustain a response until a customised pandemic vaccine was available.

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CSL Not Only About Talecris Potential

One Australian company that hasn’t enjoyed the recent rally in equity markets is blood products group CSL (CSL), with Southern Cross Equities analyst Stuart Roberts suggesting market concerns over possible oversupply of IVIG and the regulatory outcome of the group’s proposed acquisition of Talecris in the US have combined to weigh on the share price.

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