Afterpay Touch Group Limited

Afterpay Touch is at an exciting junction.
In June 2017, Afterpay and Touchcorp came together to become Afterpay Touch. We leverage each other’s strengths and elevate our customer offering, taking our service to a new level.

We now exist under 2 key areas – Pay Later, better known as Afterpay, is a retail consumer brand that is in a high growth stage and expansion is visible on all levels. This allows our talent to grow, learn and be inspired each and every day. You can read more about Afterpay at afterpay.com.au.

Pay Now, or Touch, is a combination of retail, mobility and health services that society use everyday without even realising it.

It has global reach, touches multiple industries and with the coming together of Afterpay brings huge opportunity for the roadmap ahead.

Afterpay Touch is evolving quickly and aims to be the #1 leading retail technology company and an employer of choice.

Join the team now to be part of how this is shaped, what your working day looks like and how benefits are structured.

We are on a rocketship most days so if you are up for a challenge, like the notion of joining a business with big dreams and exciting opportunities and are motivated to make it happen then please grab a ticket and contact us today.


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