Hamish Douglass – Where Are We In The Equity Cycle?

By Tim McGowen | More Articles by Tim McGowen

Magellan Asset Management’s Hamish Douglass shares his thoughts with Informed Investor about where we are currently placed in the economic cycle.

Key points in the video:

  • Recent economic indicators and what they are telling us
  • How the Federal Reserve’s policy backflip might affect market sentiment
  • The potential flow-on effect of any inflationary signs in the US
  • Cyclical resources and why they don’t play a more offensive role in Magellan’s global portfolios.


Hamish Douglass is Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Magellan Financial Group, and Lead Portfolio Manager of Magellan’s Global Equity strategies.

Hamish is a former member of the Australian government’s Financial Literacy Board, the Australian government’s Takeovers Panel, the Australian government’s Foreign Investment Review Board and the Forum of Young Global Leaders – World Economic Forum. Hamish is a Director of the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute.

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