If You Could Pick Just One Australian Stock For Your Portfolio, What Would It Be?

By Guy McKanna | More Articles by Guy McKanna

Global equities manager, WCM Investment Management (WCM), says the Australian company included in their international portfolio is one of their strongest performers over the past seven years – CSL Limited (ASX: CSL).

CSL is an Australian biotechnology company that delivers innovative biotherapies, influenza vaccines and other products to treat and prevent diseases.

Paul Black, Co-CEO and Portfolio Manager at WCM, said: “CSL is one of our favourite names in the portfolio and has been a phenomenal investment. It’s an innovative business that builds the essential ingredients for health care. CSL has been in our portfolio for about seven years and has definitely been one of our best performers.”

Mr Black added CSL aligns with WCM’s focus on having a positive corporate culture to further a company’s competitive advantage. “CSL’s strong commitment to living out their company values has been fundamental to their success. Their values include patient focus, innovation, integrity, collaboration and superior performance.”

WCM’s Quality Global Growth strategy has achieved annualised excess returns (relative to benchmark) of greater than 5 percentage points a year over the past 10 years. Over the past 12 months the strategy has outperformed its benchmark by over 10%.