Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Limited

ANZ has a proud heritage of more than 180 years.

We operate in 33 markets globally with representation in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Pacific, Europe, America and the Middle East.

ANZ is among the top 4 banks in Australia, the largest banking group in New Zealand and Pacific, and among the top 50 banks in the world.

ANZ world headquarters is located in Melbourne. It first opened as the Bank of Australasia in Sydney in 1835 and in Melbourne from 1838 and our history involves many different banks.

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ANZ Offloads Kiwi Insurance Arm

The ANZ’s success in raising more than $640 million from another asset sale had no impact on its share price yesterday as investors continued to sell it and other financial stocks in the wake of the big offshore sell off on Tuesday in Europe and the US.

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ANZ Full-Year Cash Profit Up 18%

As expected the ANZ’s 2016-17 profit rose strongly from the previous year’s weaker outcome that was hit by more than $1 billion in write offs and other charges. The bank said cash profit rose 18% to $6.94 billion, just short of the $7 billion some analysts had pencilled in.

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Investors Markdown ANZ

Thumbs down for the ANZ’s interim profit result yesterday from investors worried about what the figures didn’t say. Early on the shares were down close to 3%, but the selling eased during the day and they closed off 2.1% at $32.25.

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ANZ Flags $360 Million Hit From New Charges

The ANZ Bank (ANZ) reports its 2015-16 full year figures on Thursday and ahead of that release, it has boosted its full year write offs and losses to more than $1 billion with another round of charges revealed on Friday. The bank said it will take a $360 million hit in the September 30 half after the lender unveiled new charges for at-risk debts and restructuring costs.

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ANZ H1 Earnings Dive 24%

A day after Westpac produced a weak result that didn’t fool the market and suggested the long bank boom was over, the ANZ has hammered a huge nail in the coffin by revealing plans to slash shareholder payouts this year for the first time since the GFC.

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Slowing ANZ Misses Expectations

Forget all the media and some commentary hyping the NAB full year result yesterday – the 2% slide in the bank’s share price exposed that for the rubbish it was. Look instead to the just released full year figures for the ANZ – they are not good, with the barest of profit rises and an unchanged final dividend – all pointing to just how tough conditions are for these still very profitable enterprises.

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ANZ Cautious On ‘Challenging’ Environment

According to yesterday’s trading update and subsequent briefing from CEO Mike Smith and the bank’s chief financial officer Shayne Elliott, times are challenging, the ANZ is hunkering down with a sharper focus on costs, but at the same time there are lots of positives, businesses are performing strongly and in some, the bank is ahead of its rivals.

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ANZ Underwhelms

The market wasn’t all that convinced by ANZ’s interim profit, not that it looked light on, just that there was less growth than expected, especially from Asia where the bank is expanding, and Australia.

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Where’s The Joy In ANZ?

The first question to ask is: What on earth was going on yesterday? The banks kicked off a very strong week on the back of Citigroup’s disastrous result and have kept climbing ever since, bolstered yesterday by a disastrous ANZ Bank (ANZ) result, the grim details of which had already been revealed. It would appear that not losing more money than management expected two weeks ago, and maintaining a discrete dividend as it suggested then too, were a green light.

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