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Alumina Limited is a leading Australian company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and the Over-the-Counter (OTC) market in the U.S.

Our strategy is to invest world-wide in bauxite mining, alumina refining and selected aluminium smelting operations through our 40% ownership of Alcoa World Alumina & Chemicals (AWAC), the western world’s largest alumina business. Our partner, Alcoa, owns the remaining Of AWAC and is the manager.

The AWAC joint venture was formed in 1994 and Our partnership with Alcoa dates back to 1961


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Alumina Ltd Basks In Higher Margins

Alumina Ltd (AWC) has enjoyed a recovery in margins in the June quarter, with the benefit of higher spot pricing and tight cost control. Alcoa, the company’s 60% partner in the AWAC joint venture, reported alumina segment earnings rose to US$109m, also benefitting from a slightly higher bauxite contribution.

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The Silent Boom In Aluminium

I have been a long-term bull on aluminium and there is a secretly quiet boom that has been occurring for over a decade. Now before discussing this boom, it needs be stressed that this is a boom in usage and not in the aluminium price as we, as investors, are typically accustomed to focusing on. A price boom in aluminium will come with time but there are ways in which investors can profit from now while still being exposed to the future potential of the aluminium industry.

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Alumina Gains As Costs Fall

Improved margins reported by leading US aluminium/alumina producer Alcoa in the second quarter have given brokers a reason to expect a better performance from Alumina Ltd ((AWC)) this year. Alcoa reported a surprise quarterly increase in the alumina division’s earnings margin to US$47/t from US$44/t. Costs have fallen faster than realised prices. The better cash flow means Alumina’s 40% stake in the AWAC joint venture with Alcoa should deliver more than the guaranteed US$100 million in dividends in 2013. AWAC, the world’s largest aluminium producer, achieved US$32m in absolute cost savings in the second quarter from weaker key currencies and productivity gains.

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Significant Valuation Upside For Alumina?

Alumina Ltd (AWC) has long been a stock market disappointment. The company holds considerable legacy value in its alumina production assets but the AWC share price has been perennially dampened by the underperformance of aluminium within the base metal spectrum. The problem is not so much one of weak global aluminium demand, but one of excess supply through smelting capacity, particularly in China.

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Alumina Ltd’s Forecasts At Risk

Oversupply continues to weigh on aluminium prices globally, a fact borne out by Alcoa reporting a 21% fall in after tax operating income in the December quarter. The Alcoa result has implications for Australian-listed partner Alumina Ltd (AWC), not only because of the long standing operational relationship between the two companies but equally so because of the weak industry outlook Alcoa’s update implies.

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No Respite In Sight For Alumina

As commodity prices continue to slide the earnings outlook for resource companies continues to worsen and none more so than aluminium play Alumina (AWC), for which brokers continue to lower their forecasts and price targets. It has reached the point where some analysts see scope for the company to make a loss next year.

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Earnings Drags For Alumina Ltd

As metal prices have fallen conditions have turned quickly for aluminium play Alumina (AWC). ABN Amro is now suggesting that at current spot prices, all of the group’s offshore assets held in the AWAC joint venture are cash flow negative, so while the announced cut to production at the relatively high cost Pt. Comfort refinery is a positive, much more action is needed.

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Alumina Wants How Much?

Back in late July resource analysts were beginning to come to the conclusion that Australia’s only pure aluminium producer of note – Alumina Ltd (AWC) – may need to raise capital through either debt, equity, or both. The company had already announced an underwritten DRP with its interim result (a dividend reinvestment plan encourages shareholders to buy new stock with their dividends instead of taking cash – hence it is a capital rasing by any other name) but the continuing increase in the cost of aluminium production globally meant Alumina’s balance sheet would be severely stretched as the company attempted to fund ambitious production expansion projects.

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Base Metals Prices Spiking After China Earthquake

In addition to the massive human tragedy from the earth quake in China, base metals prices are jumping in the futures markets as China shuts down zinc and aluminium smelters. Bloomberg reports that, "Bosai Minerals Group Co.’s 120,000-metric ton aluminium smelter has halted output since the 7.9-magnitude tremor hit western China three days ago. Sichuan Hongda Chemical Industry Co.’s 100,000-ton zinc plant also stopped production."

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Mixed Messages For Alumina From Alcoa Result

A quarterly earnings report from the Aluminum Company of America, or Alcoa as it has long been known, traditionally kicks off each US reporting season given Alcoa is the first of the thirty Dow stocks to report. After the bell on Tuesday in the US, Alcoa reported a first quarter reduction in profit of 54%. While revenues were better than Wall Street consensus estimates, earnings per share missed.

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Alumina Cuts 2008 Forecast

Perennial takeover fancy, Alumina has duly reported downgraded earnings, as signalled late last year in its second or third revision for the year, and snuck in the first downgrade, of sorts, for 2008, by warning of the impact of higher costs on its earnings in the year ahead.

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Alumina Ltd Is All About Assets, Not Earnings

Forget about US recession fears or Fed cuts – most economists in Australia believe the RBA will have to raise rates this month due to persistent inflation. While you and I can nod understandingly every time we fill up on a Friday or buy a lamb roast, one only need to look at fourth quarter mining results from the Australian resources sector to appreciate why the RBA will move.

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