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After years of working within Australia’s telecommunications industry, we realised there was a better way. Our mission was to build a telco for people like us. So now we build, own and manage our national fibre network and we innovate to deliver awesome services and products with a team that treats our customers the way we want to be treated.

We’re challenging the way our competitors do business in Australia and New Zealand and, as a result, we’re one of Australia’s fastest growing companies. We own and operate a global telecoms network that is always growing, expanding and improving to meet the future needs of our customers.

Our customers wanted more from our network, so that’s what we’ve given them. We now have over 21,000 km of fibre optic cable laid and operational throughout Australia, 5000 on-net buildings connected to our network and a further 20,000 buildings classed as near-net.

Highly skilled technicians and network engineers run our operations teams at Vocus. We take pride in our extensive experience designing and building superior carrier-grade networks. In fact, most of us have worked for the other guys in our industry and we’ve come to Vocus because we wanted to make more of a difference for our customers. We also wanted to have more fun doing it.

We work hard to give you the most secure, reliable and high-performance network solutions you’ve ever experienced. And we hope you’ll love working with us too.

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