Suncorp Group Limited

With a heritage dating back to 1902, we have grown to become a top-20 ASX-listed company with over 13,000 people and $96 billion in assets. We offer banking, wealth management and insurance products and services through our well-recognised brands including Suncorp, AAMI, GIO, Apia, Shannons and Vero, as well as those from our partners.

Through these products and services we:

protect what matters to our customers
help our customers recover from injury
support our customers’ everyday financial needs, and
enable customers and businesses to reach their financial goals


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Suncorp Undersells Results

Suncorp (SUN) can be its own worst enemy – yesterday’s news releases about the result spun the wrong points – the 100% payout wasn’t the big news, nor was the multitude of profits reported – it was that the company had withstood a pretty savage whack from natural disasters in 2014-15 and had lived to tell the tale.

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Suncorp Just Not Worth It

The GFC has been clearly hard on all Australian financial institutions but none more than Suncorp-Metway (SUN) – the hybrid regional bank slash general insurer hailing from Queensland way. While the marriage of these two otherwise exclusive parts might have seemed like a good idea in the boom, and using the one branch office for your insurance and banking needs a convenience, the GFC has made the two uneasy bedfellows.

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Brokers Mixed Post Suncorp-Metway Earnings Shock

ANZ Bank (ANZ) and National Australia Bank ((NAB)) may have set the ball rolling in terms of lowering earnings expectations in the banking sector but Suncorp-Metway ((SUN)) has well and truly joined the party after last Friday cutting earnings guidance to a net profit for FY08 of $525-$550 million, down from pervious market expectations of a result of around $700 million.

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