Be Careful Venturing Into The Wild West

A few weeks ago I wrote a column entitled Lessons Be Handed To Newbies where I highlighted how ridiculous certain stocks had become because of the sheer numbers of new entrants into the market. Speculation had quickly evolved into the “greater fool” theory – a case of buying something, anything in the hope that a bigger fool than you will buy it off you for a higher price. Naturally if that doesn’t happen then congratulations you are the biggest fool!

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Work It, Move It – And Measure It

The wearable device revolution is upon us, and Australian medical device company DorsaVi Limited (DVL) is in the thick of it. But not in the consumer wearables sector: you won’t see DorsaVi competing with FitBit, Garmin, Jawbone and Apple with the latest must-have wearable heart-rate and fitness tracker.

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