Genetic Signatures Leverages New Screening Targets to EU and US Markets

Post the announcement of its first substantial profit (for the first half of full year 2021), GeneticSignatures (ASX: GSS) a specialist molecular diagnostics (MDx) company, plans to leverage its existing suite of real-time screening products into an expanding customer base. Following the wide acceptance of its COVID test kit, the company plans to offer further infectious disease test kits to the global market.

Given that Genetic Signatures has been focused on post-pandemic opportunities for some time, CEO John Melki noted that while the current pandemic has been instrumental in lifting respiratory sales, the company was already leveraged to building its customer base, particularly in Europe and the US.

In an exciting development for the market and shareholders, Genetic Signatures has introduced more infectious disease targets, (including influenza), that have the ability to screen for a wider array of infectious pathogens, including the causes of gastroenteritis.

Equally important, these are already in kit form, and have regulatory approval in both the EU and Australia, which Melki notes makes it incredibly easy for its customers to introduce new test kits.

“These recent developments, plus other exciting kits currently in development, but as yet unannounced to the market, further validate Genetic Signatures’ strategy of adding more customers and adding more testing targets in order to ultimately add to shareholder value.”


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