Bell Potter: Listed Investment Companies Weekly Report

BTI conservatively revalues down two investments

Bailador Technology Investments Limited (BTI) aims to provide exposure to private technology companies. The Manager aims to invest in companies at the expansion stage that have a global addressable market. In addition to providing capital to grow, BTI adds management expertise to these companies and will likely take a position on the Board. BTI’s business model has 3 stages; investing, growing and realising. The realising stage can see the investment prepare for sale or IPO. BTI’s management is seeing many of the investments moving into the third stage, with the Straker Translations Limited’s (STG) IPO in November 2018 an example of this. (Continued in report)

Bell Potter’s Indicative NTA tracks the ‘indicative’ movement of a LICs underlying NTA each month by monitoring the percentage movements of the disclosed holdings and using an index to track the movement of the remaining positions.

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