Airlie Funds Management Discuss Nick Scali (ASX: NCK)

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In this video, Matt Williams from Airlie Funds Management gives Informed Investor some insights into what’s been happening at Australian furniture importer and retailer Nick Scali (ASX: NCK).

Key points in the video:

  • Airlie’s bullish view on NCK despite the local housing downturn
  • The company’s expansion in Australia since floating in 2003 and recent entry into the New Zealand market
  • The company’s solid fundamentals over the next 3 to 5 years

Airlie Funds Management

Airlie is a specialist Australian equities fund manager which brings together some of Australia’s most experienced industry participants. Founded in 2012 by John Sevior and David Cooper, and headquartered in Sydney, Airlie manages a range of Australian equities strategies, primarily for institutional and high net wealth clients. Magellan Asset Management (‘Magellan’) purchased Airlie in early 2018, providing retail investors exclusive access to Airlie’s investment expertise for the first time, through the Airlie Australian Share Fund.

Matt Williams is the Portfolio Manager of the Airlie Australian Share Fund. Matt has over 20 years’ industry experience, entering investment management in 1993 when he joined Perpetual Investments as an equities dealer. From there Matt progressed to be an equities analyst and portfolio manager. From 2011 to 2015, Matt was Head of Equities at Perpetual. Since joining Airlie in July 2016 Matt has managed Australian share strategies for institutional clients.

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