K2fly Limited

K2fly Ltd is an ASX listed technology company that targets asset-intensive industries. It supplies people, products and strategic alliances focussed on solving problems for clients.

K2fly has strategic alliances with global technology companies such as: GE(USA), Esri (USA) and SAP (Germany).

K2fly also re-sells market leading software which has been developed by industry leaders in the USA, Australia, Europe and the UK. These solutions come from OBI Partners (USA), Kony (USA), Pointerra Limited (Aus), ABB (Switzerland), Totalmobile (UK) and Capita plc (UK), where they have an outstanding track record of delivering benefits to clients.

In addition, K2fly provides cutting edge advice, consultancy and services when it deploys its subject matter experts who have extensive domain knowledge in such areas as Rail, Electricity, Gas, Water, Mining, Oil & Gas, and Facilities Management.

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