Invocare Limited

( ASX:IVC ) - ASX200 Consumer Services


A Unique Example Of Excellent Business Economics

One very high quality business listed on the ASX is Invocare Limited (ASX:IVC). IVC is the clear market leader in funeral homes, cemeteries and crematoria in Australia, and has a strong market position in New Zealand and Singapore.  The idea of a business whose revenue is tied to the death rate may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but from an economic standpoint, it is one you have to admire. 

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Analyst Views

IVC – Macquarie rates as Neutral

Invocare has acquired Grafton & District Funerals. Acquisitions are expected to offset some of the temporary impact from the protect & grow investment plan. Macquarie suggests this plan will cause short-term disruption as additional sites are refreshed and enhanced.

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