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In 2000, the Virgin brand entered the Australian aviation market for the first time, bringing real competition in the leisure sector of the market. Launching the new brand Virgin Australia in May 2011, and the Game Change program announced by CEO John Borghetti, was a key part of repositioning ourselves in the market to be Australia’s airline of choice.

Now Virgin have a new vision: to revolutionise air travel again, this time across all market segments. Virgin will do this by providing a seamless experience across all international and domestic markets, while retaining the same excellent service.


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Virgin Sheds 3,000 Jobs, Sets Tiger Free

Virgin Australia will try and relaunch a slimmer self by sacking 3,000 staff, or around a third of its workforce, and trying to sell its long-haul international jets and some smaller domestic aircraft. This will be attempted at a time when there are thousands of international jets unused and on the market, so it will be an act of heroic proportions if it can sell any plane.

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