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We are a global leader in developing and producing responsible packaging for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, home- and personal-care, and other products.

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Amcor Warns On Earnings Hit As Costs Bite

Amcor has kicked off what is known as the ‘Confession Season” – usually starting in May and running through to mid June or early July for June 30 balancing companies. It’s when companies own up to stumbles or bumbles that result in downgrades to earnings forecasts.

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Amcor Still The Full Package

Amcor now operates in 45 countries, including India, Malaysia, China and Argentina as well as countries in eastern Europe. The company is a play on global economic activity, but in a relatively resilient and defensive space. About one-third of revenue comes from the faster-growing emerging markets.

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Bear Call Spread On AMC

Options provide a large degree of flexibility and can provide traders with a strong advantage when faced with varying market conditions. One particular strategy, the Bear Call Spread, is a strategy where a trader can profit from both sidewards and downward movement. This article will cover the key topics of how and when to apply a Bear Call Spread using a real example from our market.

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BlackRock Packages Amcor Stake

Very quietly, Blackrock Group, the world’s biggest investment manager, has spent the best part of six months and nearly $900 million accumulating a 5% stake in Australia’s Amcor, one of our leading multinationals with packaging interests across the globe.

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Amcor Packages A Good Story

Packaging major Amcor (AMC) has been on the receiving end of a variety of responses to its half year result. There have been two downgrades and one upgrade on the FNArena database. JP Morgan has downgraded its recommendation to Sell from Hold, Citi has downgraded to Hold from Buy while Credit Suisse has upgraded to Buy from Sell. What’s going on?

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Amcor Defies Weak Economy

Annual general meeting commentary from packaging manufacturer Amcor (AMC) contained no surprises, the company indicating earnings are tracking in line with expectations outlined with full year results in August. This is despite still difficult end market conditions.

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