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Algae.Tec Secures Chinese Partner

Algae.Tec ((AEB)) is an advanced algae-to-biofuels company with proprietary high-yield enclosed algae growth and harvesting technology. (See An Opportunity To Enter The Biofuel Revolution At The Base Level; Independent Report A Positive For Algae.Tec; and other stories sourced via code AEB.)

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Algae.Tec Goes To The World

Algae.Tec (AEB) is the first company in the world to move towards commercialisation of algae-driven carbon capture and alternative energy production and is also first to market in employing patented technology in a modular system. Shares in Algae.Tec listed on the ASX on January 21 and are currently fetching 42c compared to the 20c IPO price.

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