Adelaide Brighton Limited

Adelaide Brighton is a leading Australian integrated construction materials and lime producing group of companies.

We manufacture and supply a range of products to the building, construction, infrastructure and mineral processing markets throughout the country. Our company’s principal activities include the production, importation and distribution of clinker, cement, industrial lime, premixed concrete, aggregates and concrete products.

We’re an S&P/ASX200 company with 1500 employees, passionate and dedicated to the culturally diverse and friendly environment we have built.

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Housing Downturn Cracks Adelaide Brighton

Just as we saw with CSR earlier this week and other suppliers to the building sector (such as Brickworks’ core brick-making operations) and Fletcher Building products which is looking to revamp its Australian operations in the face of weakening demand, cement maker, Adelaide Brighton is now feeling similar financial pain.

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Adelaide Brighton Stirs Cement Speculation

A single contract supply agreement in the cement industry will be terminated at the end of this year. The announcement has sparked speculation over a complex chain reaction among cement suppliers which is difficult to quantify. For the moment, Adelaide Brighton’s (ABC) major cement customer in South Australia and Western Australia, Cement Australia, is not expected to extend the current SA supply agreement beyond the end of 2014. Instead, Cement Australia intends to expand facilities in Osbourne, South Australia, and bring in its own volumes.

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Going A Bit Rough For Adelaide Brighton

Quarry, concrete product and cement producer Adelaide Brighton (ABC) used a tour of its Austen quarry, NSW, to let brokers know that the going has been a bit rough. The company is constrained by the wobbly local recovery in housing construction, particularly softness in Victoria, as well as the reduction in mining project expenditure. The Austen quarry is viewed as a key asset that could deliver improved results for the company.

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