Westpac Takes On The Wealth Management Upstarts

What happens when pesky, disruptive upstarts take on the big incumbents in an industry? More often than not, they find themselves in a battle royale over market share. And that’s just what’s happening in the wealth management industry, where Westpac is fighting back against the likes of Netwealth, HUB24 and Praemium.

This battle provides a very interesting example of competitive forces at work and things to look out for when considering an investment in very fast-growing companies.

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Four Reasons To Buy Challenger

Like all good companies, Challenger Limited (ASX: CGF) has a habit of under-promising and over-delivering. It’s a fact not lost on investors, who have driven the share price up from around $3 five years ago, to over $13 today. Challenger is a top 3 holding in The Montgomery Fund, and our confidence in the business was borne out yet again this week when it reported a 1Q trading update.

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The 3 Myths Driving The National Energy Debate

It’s hard not to shake your head in disbelief at the misinformation and spin being peddled by our politicians around an issue that is dominating domestic political debate: energy policy and prices. In this blog, I’m going to tackle three big myths that some of our leading advocates would have you believe.

(I won’t be talking about the other big national debate going on right now – gay marriage – which, according to this writer, should not be an issue/debate at all as it should just be settled by a court deciding that it is not ok to discriminate against a certain portion of the population.)

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What We Can Learn From The CPA Fiasco

The promo for Alex Malley’s book, The Naked CEO, says the author has ‘led a life rich in successes and mistakes’. Well, those successes and mistakes have been on show of late, thanks to the spectacular meltdown of the organisation he led, CPA Australia, where we’ve witnessed the very worst of corporate excess – but at a not-for-profit industry body.

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