Checking In On Cochlear

By Tim Kelley | More Articles by Tim Kelley

Cochlear Limited (COH) is one of the businesses we have followed with interest over the years. More recently, we have been concerned that competitors like Med-El and Sonova might be closing the technological gap on COH, and threatening its dominant market position.

While competitors have released some impressive products recently, COH has been adamant that its N6 processor will land a heavy punch on them. With the N6 having been available in some parts of the world for a little while now, we have been searching for independent reviews and commentary to corroborate COH’s view. So far, the evidence seems to be quite thin on the ground.

While it’s early days, with audiologists appearing a little lukewarm towards the N6 and a lack of glowing reviews from other sources, the evidence is starting to point in the wrong direction.

It is unlikely that COH is about to meet with financial catastrophe, but our best guess based on the information available is that it has passed the peak of its market share, and further declines are possible.