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Super & Retirement
The Great Income Chase
In many markets around the world, interest rates have been purposefully lowered to record low levels. In this article we look at what the central banks are trying to achieve with their actions and why this has led to the 'great income chase' for many Australian investors.
SMSFs - The 6 Steps To Investing In Art
Contrary to the claims of most poorly read advisers, Art is still allowed to be acquired in an SMSF and provides a significant opportunity for trustees to hedge their positions or provide necessary diversification to the fund.
The Six Questions You Should Ask A Financial Planner
While you'll likely have specific questions based on your personal circumstances, below are six general questions everyone should ask a financial adviser before you become their client.
Buying A Home Vs Renting And Investing?
Renting and investing is not for everybody. It is hard not to be influenced by your family and friends who have probably followed the traditional route of buying their first home.
Spotting The Wolves
Do you know how to spot the difference between good and bad financial advice?
Looking For An Extra Flexible Fixed Rate Loan?
In the current interest rate environment one the most common questions asked is 'should we be considering a fixed rate home loan' and 'how long should we fix the rate for?'
Downsizing - What's Best For You?
Downsizing a home can free up capital and enhance your lifestyle in retirement. However, if the right measures aren't taken it can actually ruin those golden years.
Two Mistakes To Avoid Before You Retire
How far off is your retirement? If you have five, ten or even better 20 years to go, you can avoid the first mistake - which is not planning early enough.
Self Managed Super - Is It Really For You?
While the concept of running your own SMSF may sound prestigious, the reality is often a large degree of onerous responsibility placed on the trustees who are responsible for the fund.
The Need For SMSFs To Act Responsibly
Since self managed superannuation funds (SMSF) first became available as an option for holding superannuation balances in 1994 they have made the headlines, both in positive and negative ways.
The Pitfalls Of Moving Overseas With A SMSF
​If you have a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) then like many trustees the chances are you are probably unaware of a rule which requires what is known as the central management and control of your SMSF to be conducted within Australia.
Is A Self Managed Super Fund Right For Me?
While being in charge of your own SMSF may sound exciting and prestigious, the reality can often turn into a major headache if you're not prepared for the compliance obligations and the investment decisions that go with it.
Anti-Detriment Payments
In the event of your death, your super benefits pass on to your nominated beneficiary (subject to trustee discretion). Upon your death, some super funds may also pay an additional amount over and above your account balance. This amount is called the 'anti-detriment payment' and is essentially a refund of contributions tax that has been paid by the deceased member.
SMSF Health Check
The end of the financial year is no better time to run a quick health check over your self managed super fund (SMSF) to ensure that all is in order should the Australian Tax Office (ATO) come knocking.
Get More Bang For Your SMSF Buck
Saving for your retirement using a SMSF can be rewarding, but you'll need to put in the time and effort. You'll also need a plentiful supply of cash - both to cover your fund's costs and as an investment asset.
Pre June 30 Tax Strategy Ideas
Before you know it 30 June will be upon us. The end of financial year presents an opportunity for you to get smarter with your finances. To make the most of the tax-effective strategies available to you, many need to be in place well before the date actually arrives.
Borrowing Inside Your SMSF
Whilst this is an effective strategy when it is structured correctly, we often see some basic issues overlooked when Trustees look to establish these arrangements.
5 Tax Tips For Pre 30 June 2014
With just over a month to go before the financial year ends here are a few tips for strategic planning.
Investing For Income With Low Volatility
Unlisted property funds were back in vogue in 2013 as investors increasingly went in search of quality, high-yielding investments. When used as part of a diversified portfolio, these funds look set to play a significant role in helping Australians source consistent, low-volatility income.
The Potential Advantages Of Property Funds
Property funds typically make regular income distribution payments to investors. These distributions are primarily the result of rental income received from tenants in properties that are directly held by the funds. Part of these distribution payments may contain a ‘tax-deferred’ component.
Unlisted Property A Great SMSF Diversifier
For self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) investors, getting the right balance of growth and defensive investments is a dynamic challenge. Importantly, with careful consideration, the right portfolio mix can achieve both higher returns and create lower overall risk.
Healthcare Property Ticks All Of An SMSF's Investment Boxes
If you want a deep, powerful and long-term trend in which to invest, health ticks most of the boxes. Australia’s growing and ageing population is a formidable demographic and economic force, which is exerting an inexorable pull on investment.
Why Aren't SMSFs Investing Overseas?
The best performing asset class of the last 12 months has been international shares and some unhedged managed funds, managed accounts and exchange traded funds have produced between 30% to 40%. So why do SMSFs have such low exposure?
The Pros And Cons Of DIY Super
So you've decided to join the million-plus Australians who are trustees of their own self-managed super funds (SMSFs).
SMSF Asset Allocation Critical To Performance
The success of self-managed super has been stunning. In 2003, according to super research group Rainmaker, there were just over 260,000 SMSFs, holding about $108 billion in assets, or one-fifth of the superannuation pool.
Useful ATO Guides For SMSF's
The ATO have a range of Publications about SMSFs which should be reviewed carefully when deciding if a SMSF is right for you.
The Cooper Review
The Cooper review included 29 recommendations for reforms of self managed superannuation funds (SMSFs).
Buying Geared Property Through Your SMSF
This can be a very good strategy but it is essential that it is set up correctly and run properly to avoid costly fines and tax penalties. I thought I would share with you some of the common problems being experienced with this strategy and tips to avoid mistakes.
Avoiding A Big Tax Bill When An SMSF Pension Stops
The headline on the front page of the AFR today was “ATO ruling confirms tax liability after death” and the article pointed out that SMSFs would be hit the hardest with tax bills because of the ATO view.
Good Reasons To Not Have Your Kids In Your SMSF
Parents operating an SMSF should think very carefully before admitting their kids to the fund.
Can You Lend Money To Your SMSF Interest-Free?
SMSFs can borrow money to invest provided the arrangement meets the rules for SMSF borrowing arrangements. One of the key rules is that the loan must be made on a limited recourse basis.


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