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Glenn Dyer
Iron Ore In Sudden Rebound
Added On - 11/23/2017 7:59:42 AM
Australian investors will be greeted by good news this morning as iron ore prices leapt to their second two month high in three days.
News Shorts: a2 milk, Webjet, McGrath
Added On - 11/23/2017 7:59:36 AM
The great a2 Milk rally continued - despite global dairy prices falling to their lowest level since March, but the country's biggest online travel agency Webjet saw its shares punished for what analysts claimed was a disappointing guidance figure for the full financial year.
BHP Eyes Nickel Sell-Down
Added On - 11/23/2017 7:59:17 AM
Nickel prices may have rebounded nicely this year, but not to many of the world's big miners are long term holders - certainly BHP and its big Brazilian rival, Vale, are trying to reduce to exit their involvement in the metal, whose major source of demand is still for stainless steel.
RBA's Sober Warning On Retail Outlook
Added On - 11/22/2017 1:13:12 PM
Australia's retailing sector faces years or more of the same - unrelenting cost and price pressures - but don't blame Amazon. According to Reserve Bank Governor Phil Lowe the sector has already been swamped by a slide in consumer spending to decade lows, and faces more of the same with low wages, low inflation and falling prices.
RBA Boss Sees No Reason To Raise Rates Soon
Added On - 11/22/2017 10:54:38 AM
While Reserve Bank governor, Phil Lowe says the next movement in interest rates 'will be up rather than down', don't go running for the cliff quite yet because he reckons there won't be any need for any movement for quite a while - possibly two years.
Struggling Specialty Fashion To Close 300 Stores
Added On - 11/22/2017 8:00:06 AM
Specialty Fashion Group (SFH) shareholders yesterday heard dramatic plans to keep the specialty retailer in business by closing around a third of its stores in the next three years and cutting the number of its various chains.
A2 Milk Shares Jump On Upbeat Outlook
Added On - 11/22/2017 8:00:00 AM
Shares in A2 Milk jumped on a trading update from yesterday's annual meeting, but shares in mining services company ALS slumped after that weaker than expected first half result we brought you yesterday.
Dry Outlook Dents GrainCorp
Added On - 11/22/2017 7:59:54 AM
Grains handler and maltster GrainCorp's shares fell nearly 5% yesterday despite the company reporting a quadrupling of full-year profit and a sharp rise in dividend.
Print Pains At PMP
Added On - 11/22/2017 7:59:24 AM
Here's a media merger going badly. Earlier this year Australia's two biggest printing companies, the publicly listed PMP and the privately-owned IPMG (by Sydney's wealthy Hannan family) merged after 15 years of trying in a $120 million deal.
ALS Soothes Investor Concerns
Added On - 11/21/2017 8:03:51 AM
You can understand why Brisbane-based testing group, ALS Limited will offer shareholders a $175 million buy back, as well as a higher interim dividend after announcing an underlying net profit after tax of $70.1 million for the six months to September 30, 2017.
Walmart's Amazon Defence
Added On - 11/21/2017 8:03:40 AM
There's still an awful lot of guff being written about how Amazon is going to damage Australian retailing, its suppliers and other sectors of the economy and stockmarket
Baby Bunting Investors Spit The Dummy
Added On - 11/21/2017 8:03:33 AM
Baby Bunting's shares fell through its 2015 float price of $1.40 yesterday after it upset investors with an earnings guidance downgrade.
Carsales.com Doubles Down On South Korean Growth
Added On - 11/21/2017 8:03:12 AM
Carsales.com says it will book a massive book profit from a near quarter of a billion dollar deal to move deeper into the South Korean car sector.
Flat Start For Thanksgiving Week
Added On - 11/20/2017 8:06:17 AM
We can expect a soft start to a week that will be dominated, as usual at this time of year by America's Thanksgiving holidays which will see one and a half days trading cut from the schedule, as well as the usual Black Friday spending binge followed by the online version a week today.
Russia Hesitates On Oil Supply Pact
Added On - 11/20/2017 8:06:07 AM
Standby for a possible sell off in oil as US production hits all time highs and the emerging possibility of Russia abandoning the 1.8 million barrels a day production cap deal with Saudi Arabia and the rest of OPEC.
Diary: Fed Minutes, RBA Speeches, Black Friday
Added On - 11/20/2017 8:05:54 AM
A fairly quiet week ahead of markets because of the Thanksgiving holidays in the US on Thursday night and Friday, Sydney time.
China Home Prices Hold In October
Added On - 11/20/2017 8:05:38 AM
In something of a surprise, China's housing boom remains alive - at a slower pace - but it hasn't died as many 'experts' have been forecasting.
Tatts, Tabcorp Clear Final Hurdle?
Added On - 11/20/2017 8:05:27 AM
There will be a lot of nervous fund managers and shareholders in both Tabcorp and Tatts watching the competition regulator over the next week or so for any signs of a new challenge to the $11 billion merger between the two gaming giants.
Commodities Chalk Up Mixed Week
Added On - 11/20/2017 8:04:50 AM
Seaborne iron ore prices picked up some strength on Friday, as the steelmaking restrictions came into effect in northern China.
Is The Oil Rally Here To Stay?
Added On - 11/17/2017 12:23:49 PM
Is the gloss going off rebounding oil? It seems to be the case as US oil production hits an all time high of well over 9.6 million barrels a day and prices continue easing.
Wages Growth Still Missing Despite Jobs Boom
Added On - 11/17/2017 12:21:56 PM
This week we saw the central policy dilemma the Reserve Bank and government face as we approach the end of the year and the mid year economic update was laid out in the solid jobs data for October on Thursday.
New Chair Confirms BHP Dividend Policy
Added On - 11/17/2017 8:05:25 AM
BHP shareholders have been given assurance that the company's dividends will not be part of the capital review revealed by the company's new chair, Ken MacKenzie.
Fairfax Completes Domain Demerger
Added On - 11/17/2017 8:05:20 AM
The near two year process to separate the Domain property listings website business from Fairfax Media concluded yesterday with the shares in the group starting trading on the ASX.
S&P, MSCI In Big Index Reshuffle
Added On - 11/17/2017 8:05:13 AM
A massive overhaul of several of Wall Street's most important stockmarket indices next year will see tens of billions of dollars of investor funds move, potentially impacting the share prices of some of the biggest names - such as Amazon, Netflix, Alphabet, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, AT&T, Verizon and others.
Santos Rejects Non-Binding Takeover Approach
Added On - 11/17/2017 8:04:47 AM
Shares in oil and gas group, Santos were nicely goosed by media reports about a possible $11 billion bid for the company.
Wages Growth Fails To Materialise
Added On - 11/16/2017 8:09:56 AM
There was a lot riding on the September quarter Wage Price Index. The result was another weak and disappointing outcome where it was hard to see any positive impact at all from the national wage rise.
Australian Ag Results Disappoint
Added On - 11/16/2017 8:05:34 AM
Shares in Australian Agricultural Company fell 7% yesterday after the company produced weak first-half results.
Reno Boom Drives Dulux
Added On - 11/16/2017 8:05:28 AM
Dulux shares hit a new all time high yesterday, continuing the nice turn for investors after the company revealed a solid result for 2016-17 with higher earnings and dividend.
BAML Survey Sees 'Irrational Exuberance'
Added On - 11/16/2017 8:05:19 AM
According to the November investment managers report from global investment bank, Bank America Merrill Lynch (BAML) investors are riding a wave of 'irrational exuberance' as they extend bullish positions even as they fret over valuations.
Buffett's Latest Stock Moves
Added On - 11/16/2017 8:05:02 AM
The status quo ruled at Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway investment department in the September quarter - with only a handful of changes, including two major moves - buying more Apple and selling more IBM.
GE's New Vision Fails To Convince Markets
Added On - 11/15/2017 7:48:41 AM
Shares in General Electric, fell for a second day to near six year lows on Wall Street as investors reacted negatively to its moves to cut its dividend by 50%, focus on three of its biggest business lines, perhaps sell down its 60% plus stake in Baker Hughes, the third biggest US oil services group, and cut tens of thousands of jobs in the process.
Have Business Conditions Peaked?
Added On - 11/15/2017 7:48:26 AM
Australian business conditions continued at two decade highs in October, although the National Australia Bank said its survey of conditions and confidence did spot a couple of possible weak sports emerging.
China Data Misses Forecasts
Added On - 11/15/2017 7:48:09 AM
China's economy ticked over in October (a bit like Australia's as shown in yesterday's NAB survey for last month) but there are suggests a slowing could be ahead as urban investment hit a new 18-year low.
Incitec Boss Goes Out With A Bang
Added On - 11/15/2017 7:47:27 AM
Incitec Pivot CEO, James Fazzino is going out in style - the company, a leading fertiliser and explosives maker lifted full-year profit to $318.7 million and small lift in final dividend for the year to September 30, and a $300 million share buyback over the next year.
Rio Tinto Rumours Keep Rolling
Added On - 11/14/2017 1:10:16 PM
The stories about Rio Tinto keep coming - the latest is that Mick Davis, the former Xstrata boss and current chief executive of Britain's Conservative Party, is said to be the tip to become Rio's new chair when the incumbent, Jan du Plessis steps down next year.
General Electric Unveils Restructuring
Added On - 11/14/2017 8:07:52 AM
Struggling American industrial giant, General Electric will slash its dividend by 50%, focus on three of its biggest business lines, may sell down its 60% plus stake in Baker Hughes, the third biggest US oil services group, but won't break up the company completely.
Shell To Sell Down Woodside Stake
Added On - 11/14/2017 8:06:44 AM
Investors in Woodside Petroleum will have to contend with the confirmation last night that Shell is about to sell most of its holding, with the rest not to far behind.
Elders Profit Up As Dividends Return
Added On - 11/14/2017 8:05:03 AM
No wonder Elders shares went for a big run yesterday - the company is paying its first dividends in nine years after more than doubling net profit for 2016-17.
AdBri Investigates 'Hidden' Underpayments
Added On - 11/14/2017 8:01:10 AM
Adelaide Brighton shareholders were remarkably relaxed about the news yesterday of a bad debts problem that could end up as $14 million earnings downgrade for 2017.
Nine, Seven Provide Conflicting FTA TV Outlooks
Added On - 11/14/2017 8:00:58 AM
Here is a take of two TV networks and their outlooks.
Iress Flags Weaker Earnings
Added On - 11/14/2017 8:00:51 AM
So is this an earnings downgrade you announce while not announcing one? Traders on the ASX yesterday clearly thought so and gave shares in financial services group, Iress a bit of a shaking.
MACA Slammed On Earnings Downgrade
Added On - 11/14/2017 8:00:06 AM
MACA has produced a shock downgrade, news of weak returns from two recent buys and down the shares went - falling 22% to end at $1.72.
US Earnings Top Expectations
Added On - 11/13/2017 7:50:43 AM
A largely very positive US September quarter earnings reporting season (especially for the big tech stocks) is now largely complete with 91% of the 500 companies in the S&P Index having reported.
New General Electric CEO To Unveil Painful Revamp
Added On - 11/13/2017 7:49:50 AM
General Electric saw its shares rise 2.5% on Friday ahead of an expected announcement tonight, our time of a plan from its new CEO to improve the company's sagging financial performance.
Diary: Local Wages, CBA AGM, US Inflation
Added On - 11/13/2017 7:38:46 AM
A quieter week - sort of - with some important data here and in the US and Europe, some major corporate reports and meetings and a few speeches by senior Fed members ahead of next week's meeting and an expected rate rise.
RBA Minutes Confirm Meet, Hold, Repeat Stance
Added On - 11/13/2017 7:38:38 AM
No rate rise in Australia for a year or more after the release of the Reserve Bank's 4th and final Statement on Monetary Policy for 2017 on Friday.
ASX Outperforms Over The Week
Added On - 11/13/2017 7:38:31 AM
The ASX is heading for another indifferent start to trading later this morning after Wall Street and Europe ended their sessions on Friday night weaker and worried.
Oil's Slippery Rally Rolls On
Added On - 11/13/2017 7:35:17 AM
Oil up, gold weaker, but higher, copper off the pace, nickel down, but iron ore enjoyed a quiet rally last week by the close on Friday.
What Is Taking The Shine Off Gold?
Added On - 11/10/2017 7:54:52 AM
More evidence that for all the talk about a commodity boom, gold continues miss out - the price, while it is up just over 10% in the year so far, is not responding to rising demand for the metal.
Soggy September To Weigh On GDP
Added On - 11/10/2017 7:54:44 AM
September is turning out to be a rough month for the economy. The mixed nature of official statistics suggests that economic activity ended the quarter on a sluggish note, suggesting that the national accounts for the three months could be weaker than some forecasters have thought.
Santos Rally Stalls On Stable Production, Lower Sales
Added On - 11/10/2017 7:54:37 AM
Santos has told an investor day yesterday that while production next year will be largely stable in 2018, sales are likely to end up lower than 2017 volumes.
Flight Centre Flags Profit Lift
Added On - 11/10/2017 7:54:31 AM
Travel group, Flight Centre has gone all bullish about its outlook for 2017-18, forecasting not only a solid December half, but a full year profit rise of 15%.
Europe Push Sees Investors Overlook Weaker James Hardie Result
Added On - 11/10/2017 7:54:22 AM
Commentary from the management that this deal would be the last for some years seemed to assuage some investors, so when James Hardie produced a 14% slide in first half profit for the six months to September yesterday, up went the shares more than 7% and stayed there.
Xero Ditches Kiwi Exchange For ASX
Added On - 11/10/2017 7:53:33 AM
Kiwi cloud accounting software group, Xero has stunned the New Zealand investment community by deciding to delist from the NZ stock exchange and rebase its primary listing on the ASX from early 2018.
On Hold RBNZ Mirrors RBA
Added On - 11/9/2017 7:57:08 AM
Once again the Reserve Bank of NZ has left its key interest rate unchanged at 1.75% in an echo of the decision and reasoning used by the Reserve Bank of Australia on Tuesday.
China October Trade Softer, But Solid
Added On - 11/9/2017 7:52:00 AM
China's imports of iron ore, crude oil, coal and copper all fell in October, slowing after strong demand drove global prices of many major commodities higher this year.
New Ardent Boss In Sudden Departure
Added On - 11/9/2017 7:51:34 AM
Investors sold down Ardent shares yesterday after CEO Simon Kelly resigned unexpectedly and without explanation from either him or the company.
James Hardie Builds European Footprint
Added On - 11/9/2017 7:51:27 AM
James Hardie reports its second quarter and first half figures later this morning and it set the share price running ahead of that announcement yesterday of a near three quarters of a billion acquisition in Europe.
Virgin Australia Board Mulls Privatisation
Added On - 11/9/2017 7:51:18 AM
Put this one in the 'who cares?' basket. Virgin Australia annual meeting was told yesterday that its board has been considering mopping up the minority shareholders on its register and making the airline a private company.
CBA Q1 Profits Rises 6%
Added On - 11/8/2017 10:48:08 AM
In news that will help steady a weak banking sector today on the ASX, the Commonwealth Bank has revealed a solid 6% plus rise in first quarter cash earnings.
Global Markets Trim Gains
Added On - 11/8/2017 8:05:29 AM
Markets turned down overnight Tuesday in a reversal of Monday's bullish session with wall Street lower and off the previous record highs, gold and oil weaker, along with iron ore prices.
RBA Remains On Repeat
Added On - 11/8/2017 8:05:23 AM
As expected, no rate rise from the Reserve Bank yesterday and none for months to come, perhaps into 2019 if the interest rate futures market is any guide.
Battery Minerals 'Non-Core' At BHP
Added On - 11/8/2017 8:05:10 AM
Arnoud Balhuizen, chief commercial officer at BHP has said that battery minerals, such as nickel, as well as lithium and cobalt, are not a priority because BHP is a bulk commodity company.
Tracking Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio
Added On - 11/8/2017 8:04:12 AM
Buried in Berkshire Hathaway's third quarter fine print was a break down of the company's investment portfolio that confirms that 2016-17 has seen perhaps the most significant change in its composition for decades.
Oil At $70 Before Year End?
Added On - 11/7/2017 7:52:50 AM
Remarkably, $US70 a barrel for oil is no longer a dream in the current market surge, but what is even more astounding is that analysts are now saying it is possible by the end of the year.
Bank Earnings Review
Added On - 11/7/2017 7:48:14 AM
Collectively the big four earned a record combined cash profits (their preferred way of measuring their profits) of $31.522 billion, up from the $29.8 billion the year before when they were depressed by asset write-downs, and sales and bad debt impairments, especially in Queensland and Western Australia in the wake of the ending of the mining investment boom.
Energy Costs Dim Orica Outlook
Added On - 11/7/2017 7:48:08 AM
Shares in Orica fell 12% on Monday after the explosives and chemicals supplier reported weak full-year earnings, trimmed its final dividend and forecast a tough outlook for the coming year as improvements demand for explosives and its other products are slow to have an impact on its revenue and profit and loss account.
Sellers Savage McGrath On New Downgrade
Added On - 11/7/2017 7:47:49 AM
Shares in real estate agency group McGrath closed badly battered yesterday after the Sydney-based real estate company cut its earnings guidance and promised an intense round of cost cutting.
Westpac Profit Up 3% To $8.06 Billion
Added On - 11/6/2017 8:09:15 AM
Westpac has joined its peers in leaving dividends unchanged for the year to September 30 after reporting a 3% rise in cash earnings for the year to $8.062 billion.
ASX Ends Week With 1% Gain
Added On - 11/6/2017 7:40:42 AM
The Australian market will be looking for the rebound to continue today after ASX 200 futures gained 16 points or 0.3% overnight Friday.
Diary: Cup Day RBA, China Inflation, US Retail Earnings
Added On - 11/6/2017 7:36:37 AM
A much quieter week ahead and monetary policy decisions of the Reserve Bank and its NZ counterpart will dominate markets in this neck of the woods.
Hurricanes Rain On Berkshire's Quarterly Profit
Added On - 11/6/2017 7:36:33 AM
Big losses from three hurricanes and an earthquake in Mexico in the September quarter hit the results for Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway group and has put it on course to report its first annual insurance underwriting loss in 15 years.
US Oil Rigs See Biggest Decline Of The Year
Added On - 11/6/2017 7:36:29 AM
Another solid week for commodities and the slow burning boomlet continues (which other media are now slowly waking up to).
Amazon's Victims Set To Report Earnings
Added On - 11/6/2017 7:35:35 AM
After a couple of weeks of stunning results from big tech stocks and fair to middling results from other sectors, it will be the turn of some of 'Amazon's victims' as one analyst terms them to reveal their figures.
RBNZ Set For Significant Revamp
Added On - 11/3/2017 3:20:59 PM
The RBNZ has fallen behind and now the new Labour Government in New Zealand is about to start shaking up the country's central bank.
China To Unify Statistics Data
Added On - 11/3/2017 3:19:12 PM
In just over a year's time China will finally achieve what other countries now take as routine - the national collection and compilation of economic statistics.
Meet The New US Fed Chair
Added On - 11/3/2017 3:18:14 PM
Donald Trump's nomination of current Fed governor, Jerome Powell to replace Janet Yellen and adds weight to the continuity of policy from the Fed after he takes over from next February.
Strategy Shift At CBS Shows TV Future
Added On - 11/3/2017 3:14:28 PM
A Sydney court case hearing a challenge to US US network, CBS buying control of Ten has prevented the deal happening, but in the US life goes on and CBS has revealed what is at its core a solid third quarter set of figures which in its composition underline the differences between the health of the Australian TV sector and that in the US.
Apple Shares Hit New Highs On Q4 Earnings Beat
Added On - 11/3/2017 8:13:03 AM
Apple shares leap to new highs this morning in the regular session and then scooted higher in after hours trading after the company revealed better than expected 4th quarter earnings and sales of iPhones.
Boral Begrudgingly Lifts Earnings Outlook
Added On - 11/3/2017 7:53:41 AM
Boral has upgraded its Australian earnings forecasts after a much better than expected first quarter.


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